After the Spring Festival, people who eat too much fish, meat and delicacies should be rare and rare. Most people are afraid of eating. How can we save our intestines and stomach? As long as we change to light foods such as vegetables, fruits and soup porridge, our appetite will come back and share a delicious and refreshing vegetable dish, which is very beneficial, I can eat a large plate alone, so my appetite varies from dish to dish


350g spinach
150g tofu skin
5g garlic
10g Lycium barbarum
10g sesame oil
1g salt
15g soy sauce
10g oyster sauce


Step 1
Garlic rotten skin spinach main material

Step 2
Clean spinach, cut bean curd into thick strips, chop garlic, and soak medlar in boiling water

Step 3
Boil a pot of water, add a little salt and oil, blanch the shredded tofu for 5 minutes, remove it, filter out the water and set aside

Step 4
Boil another pot of water, add oil (if the oil is less, the spinach is not tender and smooth enough), blanch the spinach until it turns green, and immediately remove it for use

Step 5
Heat a pot, add peanut oil and saute minced garlic

Step 6
Put shredded tofu, spinach and in a plate, add medlar, pour garlic oil, soy sauce and oyster sauce, and mix well