Every new year, I will pickle some vegetables. Today, it’s very simple to make Korean spicy cabbage


1 cabbage
1 apple
1 Sydney
Half white radish
3 garlic sprouts
30g shrimp skin
200g glutinous rice flour
150 g water
200g chili powder
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons salt
30g ginger
30g garlic


Step 1
A cabbage

Step 2
Cut into 2 and a half, coat with salt and marinate for 4 hours

Step 3
Ingredients for preparing sauce

Step 4
Shredded white radish and garlic

Step 5
Boil glutinous rice flour in water

Step 6
Add chili powder, shrimp skin, ginger and garlic foam

Step 7
Add white radish, apple, pear and garlic

Step 8
Mix well and add sugar and salt

Step 9
Stir well and apply to cabbage

Step 10
Put it in a container, seal and marinate for 3-5 days.