Every time I eat this dish, I can’t support it, because I love it too much. As northeast people, there are no people who don’t like this dish. Let’s have a look.


1 pickled cabbage
750g spare ribs
2G pepper
15g raw extract
2 bulks
1 tablespoon salt
1 cinnamon
5g scallion and ginger
1g chicken essence
2 fragrant leaves
1 tablespoon lard


Step 1
Cut pickled cabbage and set aside

Step 2
Wash ribs repeatedly and change water to remove blood and water

Step 3
Add cold water, spare ribs, green onion, ginger, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, pepper, pork ribs and raw soy sauce

Step 4
Add a spoonful of lard to the frying spoon

Step 5
Heat the oil for six minutes, stir fry sauerkraut, and the stir fry will soften slightly

Step 6
When the ribs are half cooked, add sauerkraut to the ribs and continue to stew. Sauerkraut is not afraid of stewing. The more stewed, the better. When the ribs are fast cooked, add salt, turn off the fire and add chicken essence

Step 7
Stewed pork ribs and pickled vegetables