Winter is coming, and the rhythm of pickling all kinds of pickles is about to begin. Every year, my family will pickle a lot of potherb mustard, dried radish, pickled vegetables, white gourd beans, soybean milk, etc., which will take at least half a month to a month. However, the ingredients of a pickle introduced by fruit today are simple, and it doesn’t have to wait a long time.


400g leek
200g peanuts
80g red pepper
10g ginger
Proper amount of crude salt


Step 1
After the leeks are picked and washed, put them in a cool place to dry

Step 2
Wash the red pepper and dry it in the shade

Step 3
Cut the dried leeks into sections or shreds

Step 4
Cook peanuts and let them cool

Step 5
Chop the red pepper and ginger separately,

Step 6
Pickled with leek and salt, the salt is twice as much as usual

Step 7
After the leek is pickled for an hour, pour in the cold peanuts, mix them again, seal them with plastic wrap, and put them in the refrigerator for cold storage

Step 8
You can eat it overnight. The last time you marinate it, you can eat it for half a month