Pickled peppers, white radish and all kinds of delicious snacks made with pickled peppers are delicious side dishes on the table. Even we Cantonese like them very much. Pickled white radish is crisp, spicy and spicy. If you can’t eat spicy, you can put less pickled peppers. If you don’t like spicy, you can also put no Chinese prickly ash, but Chinese prickly ash will taste better. Summer is coming, Make some pickled peppers and radishes to stir up your appetite


500g white radish
100g pickled pepper
5g salt
2 g pepper
10 grams of sugar
15g white vinegar
800 grams cold white


Step 1
Wash the radish, peel and cut into small pieces

Step 2
Cut into strips and place in a dry, oil-free basin

Step 3
Add salt and marinate for 15 minutes to soak the radish

Step 4
Then pour out the water and add white vinegar and sugar

Step 5
Pour in the pickled pepper and some water

Step 6
Then pour in the cold water, sprinkle with pepper, stir well, can, put for a week, you can eat