Pickled cucumber, porridge or rice are too much to eat.


3 cucumbers
25g ginger
15g millet pepper
30g garlic
10 g salt
500g soy sauce
125 g rock sugar
1 g pepper


Step 1
Prepare three cucumbers, millet peppers, garlic and ginger, wash them clean and dry them

Step 2
Cut cucumber into strips

Step 3
Then add such as two spoonfuls of salt, pickle out the water of cucumber, I pickled all night

Step 4
Prepare a pan, dry without water, add a bottle of soy sauce and 125 grams of sugar, stir until sugar melts

Step 5
Turn on the heat while stirring until the soy sauce is boiling

Step 6
After pouring out the water, slice the ginger and garlic, and add some pepper. Then prepare a jar, wash it and dry it

Step 7
Put the cucumber in the jar

Step 8
When the sauce is cool, pour it all into the jar

Step 9
Add a little Baijiu to the fermentation, and let it stand for two days.