On the basis of the old lady in the Northeast next door, she added some of her own ideas.


Two cucumbers
10g chili powder
Proper amount of salt
1 orange
Half an apple
Moderate Baijiu
Proper amount of sugar
A few garlic cloves


Step 1
I use four fruits here, which can basically be replaced by two thorn cucumbers. Remove the tail and all halves.

Step 2
Cut into this shape. Add salt and stir well. Use this filterable basin to make it easy for the pickled cucumber to flow out.

Step 3
Put a heavy weight on the cucumber. I pressed it with a basin full of water. Marinate for a few hours.

Step 4
Prepare pickled sauce. Cut the apple into pieces and break the apple pieces, oranges and orange peel in the cooking machine.

Step 5
Add sugar, Baijiu, garlic, chili, and then break.

Step 6
Rinse the salt on the surface of Cucumber Strips with running water and wring out the water. Mix in the chili sauce. Marinate overnight. You can eat it.