Female ticket to the University in the northeast. I want to eat


1 kg pickled cabbage
1 jin streaky pork
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of scallion
A little shredded ginger
1 pinch of pepper
4 octagons
1 onion
A bag of crystal powder
Proper amount of pepper


Step 1
Add seasonings, ginger and streaky pork and cook until you can insert them gently with chopsticks

Step 2
Streaky pork crosses the water and flicks.

Step 3
A kilo of sliced pork.

Step 4
Plate loading

Step 5
Fry sauerkraut in oil for one minute, then pour in the soup in the casserole and pour it all in. When the soup and pickled cabbage are boiled, pour in the meat.

Step 6
The crystal powder will be cooked in five minutes. Add salt and pepper before cooking.

Step 7
Pan up