Before I went to the farm and bought a lot of radishes. The radish leaves are very good. It’s a pity to lose them and pickle them


A big bowl of pickles
2 small pieces of tofu
Proper amount of flour
Proper amount of soybean salad oil
A few red peppers
A little MSG


Step 1
Add cold water to the flour and make a dough. Set aside and wake up for a while.

Step 2
Wash pickles, peppers and tofu separately and set aside.

Step 3
Dice tofu and pepper

Step 4
After the pot is hot, add oil, pickle, pepper and tofu, stir fry evenly, stir fry for a while, stir fry pickles for a long time, and then add monosodium glutamate before leaving the pot., The pickle itself is very salty, so there is no need to add salt.

Step 5
Rub the dough into long strips, cut into small pieces, and then roll them into thick pieces with thin edges in the middle.

Step 6
After packing the stuffing, press it flat and roll it thin with a rolling pin. I think the thinner the better

Step 7
As shown in the picture, it doesn't matter if the skin is slightly broken, ha ha

Step 8
Pan fry in oil until the skin is yellowish and turn over. Because the stuffing is cooked, both sides of the skin are yellowish and you can get out of the pan. It's very fast.