I’ve been feeling that I can’t make a perfect rice cooker at home. This time, I realized my dream with an iron cauldron. This is not a rice cooker.


320G rice
2 g salt
330 grams of water
10 g oil
2 sausages
80g vegetable core
10 grams of soy sauce
50g mushroom
2 Phoenix cups


Step 1
Wash the rice, put it in the inner of the cooker, add water and oil

Step 2
Prepare the sausage and Phoenix cup

Step 3
Blanch the sausage in boiling water for one minute, put it into the rice cooker, steam it and slice it

Step 4
The Phoenix lamp is placed on the steaming rack of the rice cooker

Step 5
Turn on the power supply and press the function of cooking on the operation panel. You can eat it immediately

Step 6
Blanch the vegetable chips and mushrooms soaked for 10 minutes in boiling water, and then add 2 grams of salt

Step 7
When the rice cooker is in operation, the operation panel will have a display function, and the sound of "didi" will be emitted when the time comes. While the Phoenix lamp is steaming, an attractive pot of rice is also finished. Isn't it very simple

Step 8
Pour the sauce of soy sauce and Phoenix cup on the pot and vegetable core. Is the delicacy tempting to you