When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, people first think of Vietnamese River noodles. Yes, Vietnamese River noodles is a century old classic cuisine in Vietnam, which is integrated into the cooking culture of China and France. With its unique and special taste, it is not only famous in Vietnam, but also spread all over the world with Vietnamese immigrants. It is recorded that Vietnamese River noodles were first brought into Vietnam by Guangdong immigrants in the early 20th century. Now it has become Vietnam’s national food, which shows the great charm of Chinese food.


1 bag of Vietnamese rice noodles
1 lettuce
2 green bean sprouts
1 beef tenderloin
2 bovine bones
500g beef brisket
1 green onion
1 fresh ginger
20G white pepper seeds
1 star anise
4 cloves
Appropriate amount of fish sauce
Proper amount of salt
2 parsley


Step 1
Main ingredients are ready: Vietnam kuanhe powder, large leaf lettuce and vanilla are cleaned, mung bean sprouts are washed once and soaked in water. After soaking for several hours, mung bean sprouts are more flexible and crisp; Prepare a piece of beef tenderloin;

Step 2
Beef stick bone is to let businesses cut it with an electric saw and put it in the refrigerator for cryopreservation. When using it, take out the thawing in advance. A large piece of beef brisket should be selected. It should be resistant to cooking with tendons and meat, and the soup is thick and delicious;

Step 3
Cut beef brisket into large pieces, green onion into sections, ginger into thick slices; At this time, put the beef bones in a tin coated baking pan and put them into the oven for about 200 degrees and 20 minutes;

Step 4
Put white pepper seeds, star anise and cloves into the same pot, stir fry over low heat until fragrant and cooked; Put it into the material bag after cooling. If there is no material bag, you can sew a cloth bag and seal it; Each family's "unique work" is different, and several other flavors will be added or added, but these are the most common spices;

Step 5
Wrap beef brisket, scallion, ginger slices, white pepper, star anise and clove into the soup pot, and add enough cold water;

Step 6
Cook with high fire until it is ready to boil, turn to medium and low fire, force out the impurities in the meat, and skim the floating foam;

Step 7
The beef bones have been roasted, and the surface and bone section are burnt yellow. There is a lot of clear butter penetrating out, which is why a piece of tin foil should be laid when baking;

Step 8
Pour all the beef bones and roasted butter into the soup pot. No matter what pot you use, you must use a large capacity one, because the essence of Vietnamese River noodles lies in the soup; From this step on, it is necessary to heat it over a low fire for about 4 hours. If you don't have time and patience, you can cook it over a high fire for 2 hours until the soup smells and the beef brisket can bite;

Step 9
When the soup is almost done, pour the fish sauce; Fish sauce can increase the freshness and saltiness. If there is no fish sauce, use an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce or other similar seasoning instead, but if you want authentic taste, use fish sauce;

Step 10
The amount of salt is more than usual, because the taste of river noodles depends on the salt in this step;

Step 11
When making soup, don't be idle, and complete the operations in the following steps one by one: cut the beef tenderloin laterally and thinly, and then grind the meat slices with a knife surface, so that the meat slices can be loose and cooked quickly when heated;

Step 12
Boil the rice noodles directly into the boiling water pot until they become soft, take them out, take a thorough shower with cold water, soak them in the water all the time, and take them into a bowl before eating; Don't worry about making it worse. It will be strong after soaking for 2 or 3 hours, but it's best to do this step before the soup is almost ready;

Step 13
Take out the beef brisket in the soup, air it and cut it into thin slices; After 4 hours of stewing, the beef brisket is all cooked;

Step 14
Take a big bowl of bamboo hat, put a few pieces of lettuce on the bottom first, and the green leaves should be exposed; Then pick a chopstick of rice noodles and put it on the lettuce. The top side is covered with cooked beef and the other side is covered with raw beef tenderloin. The meat slices should not be thick, one by one;

Step 15
In another small pot, heat a small amount of beef bone and beef soup over low heat. When boiling, spoon 3 tablespoons onto the raw beef; Pour the soup in the bowl back into the small pot and boil until it boils. Then spoon 3 tablespoons of hot soup and pour it on the raw beef; A total of 3 waves of operation is enough. The raw beef is completely scalded and very tender;

Step 16
Finally, pour in enough beef bone soup, sprinkle an appropriate amount of coriander, pinch a pinch of raw bean sprouts, and then sprinkle a little spicy millet, red, white, green and brown; It doesn't need too many dishes to nourish the intestines and stomach and improve immunity, but the nutrition is very comprehensive. The big bone soup is cooked in advance. It's hot when you eat it at night. Then cook a handful of rice noodles and pour soup juice. It's really fragrant.