Pig’s foot ginger is one of the traditional dietary supplements for pregnant women in Guangdong. It is also a custom in Guangdong to bring a bowl of pig’s foot ginger to relatives and friends visiting the baby, even big brand Hong Kong and Taiwan stars. It is reported that when Cecilia Cheung gave birth to Lucas, her father Xie Xian ordered 110 casseroles of ginger and vinegar in an old ginger and vinegar store in the name of Xie’s family, sent them home, and asked relatives and friends to eat ginger and vinegar at her home and visit her baby.


2 pig feet
3 eggs


Step 1
Wash and peel the ginger, crack it with the back of the knife, don't put oil in the pot, fry it dry

Step 2
Pour the sweet vinegar juice into the casserole, boil it and put it into the fried ginger over low heat for about half an hour. Turn off the fire and let the ginger fully soak out the taste, at least overnight

Step 3
Wash and blanch the pig's feet. Students who are afraid of being greasy can cook for about 20 minutes like me. The soup can be reserved for high soup or noodles. Take out the pig's feet and put them into the boiled ginger and vinegar juice for more than half an hour. Students who are not afraid of oil can directly take the pig's feet into the ginger and vinegar juice after blanching. Take another pot of boiled eggs with water, peel them after about 5 minutes and put them into ginger and vinegar juice together with pig feet