When I went back to my hometown, my father taught me to cook this dish. The fish is tender, spicy and delicious. It’s very delicious.


1000 grams of crucian carp
A little scallion
100g rapeseed oil
4 garlic
A little raw
A little sugar
A little vinegar
A little chicken powder
A little pickled ginger and pepper
Each a few prickly ash, grass fruit, fragrant leaf, big fennel, small fennel, star anise
2 tbsp bean paste


Step 1
The fish bought from the vegetable market are washed clean and soaked in a little salt and cooking wine for half an hour

Step 2
Prepare star anise, Geranium leaf, fennel, anise, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and tsaokuo (tsaokuo should be broken with a knife and the seeds should be taken out)

Step 3
Put oil in the pot, soak ginger and bean paste with pickled pepper, add a little sugar and vinegar, and stir fry until fragrant

Step 4
Stir fry out fragrance, and out of red oil that mouth

Step 5
After stir frying, add two bowls of water (the amount of water depends on the amount of fish), and add the spices in the second step into the pot. After boiling, turn down the heat and cook for another five minutes to fully boil the fragrance of various spices, and then drain all the ingredients in the pot with a colander.

Step 6
Pour the fish into the pot and cook

Step 7
Boil for about 10 minutes, then put the fish into the plate, then put the scallion and garlic into the pot to cook, and finally pour the soup into the plate.