It is said that during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a cook named Li Zitan in Yuelai restaurant, an old famous restaurant in Xuzhou. He once made four dishes with a carp: Silver Pearl fish and vinegar fish


250g snakehead
15g pork
15g fans
1 egg white
4 mushrooms
6 rape mosses
1 small piece of ham


Step 1
Material collection

Step 2
Preparation: soak mushrooms and vermicelli in hot water and wash them. Change the water several times on the way

Step 3
Blanch the rape heart in boiling water with salt, cut the mushrooms into strips, slice the ham, add onion and ginger juice to the starch, and mix well

Step 4
Remove the two slices of black fish

Step 5
Remove the skin and the part with bones. The black fish skin is very thick, especially easy to pick off, and the fish bones and skin are kept for soup

Step 6
Then cut the fish into small pieces, put 15g of fat pork and 15g of soaked vermicelli into the cooking machine and break them into minced balls

Step 7
Add 1 egg white, 2 tablespoons of onion and ginger juice, water starch, 1g salt and a few drops of flower carving wine to the beaten meatballs

Step 8
Stir evenly with chopsticks in one direction

Step 9
Grab a handful of meatball antler and squeeze out the shape of the meatball at the tiger's mouth

Step 10
After the water boils, squeeze the balls in one by one. When all the balls float, turn off the fire and take them out

Step 11
Add a little oil into the wok, heat it, put in the fish head, bone and skin, fry slightly, and change color

Step 12
Add boiling water and cook over high heat until the fish soup is thick and white. Turn off the fire. The whole process takes about 20 minutes

Step 13
In a smaller pot, add 10 grams of fat pork, fry until lard comes out, and then add scallions and ginger to saute until fragrant

Step 14
Pour in the fish soup, pick out the onion, ginger and pig oil residue, throw them away, put mushrooms and ham into the fire and boil

Step 15
Then add fish balls, cabbage, salt, onion, ginger juice, water starch, boil again, pour a few drops of flower carving wine and sesame oil, and then come out of the pot