Carrot is a kind of domestic vegetable with crisp and delicious germplasm and rich nutrition. It is known as “little ginseng”. Carrots contain a lot of carotene, which is transformed into vitamin A. vitamin A is an essential substance for normal bone growth and development, contributes to cell proliferation and growth, is an element of body growth, and is of great significance to promote the growth and development of young children. However, for some children, carrots with traditional Chinese medicine flavor are not very interested, but it is acceptable for children to mix carrots with meat and neutralize the traditional Chinese medicine flavor in carrots with meat flavor. They are wrapped in soft glutinous rice and delicious and nutritious balls inside.


300g meat stuffing
Appropriate amount of long glutinous rice
A short piece of carrot
1 tsp salt
Appropriate amount of onion and ginger
1 tablespoon and a half cooking wine
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce


Step 1
Soak the glutinous rice in water for 3-4 hours and drain the water.

Step 2
Put minced meat into a bowl, add onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce and oyster sauce, and stir well.

Step 3
Dice carrots into minced meat and refrigerate.

Step 4
Pinch a circle from the tiger's mouth.

Step 5
Roll on the glutinous rice.

Step 6
Put it into the steam clamp and put it on the internal grid of the steam furnace.

Step 7
Set 15 minutes on the control panel and press the "start" key