Pancake fruit is a famous snack in northern China. Tianjin people regard it as breakfast. It is also called egg cake in the northeast. Now it is also widely spread in the south.


60g flour
2 eggs
2 hemp leaves
2 lettuce leaves
1 chive
5g black sesame
10g diced mustard
A little soybean paste
A little vegetable oil


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients and wash the lettuce leaves

Step 2
Add water to mix the flour into batter, dig a spoonful and flow down to form a line

Step 3
Brush the pan with a thin layer of oil and scoop a spoonful of batter into it

Step 4
Turn the pot to form a round cake

Step 5
Turn down the heat and start frying

Step 6
When the surface becomes transparent, beat an egg and brush it evenly with a brush

Step 7
Sprinkle chopped chives and black sesame seeds

Step 8
Turn over and brush with sauce

Step 9
Sprinkle diced mustard, put a lettuce leaf and a hemp leaf

Step 10
Press the hemp leaves a little and roll them up

Step 11
Let's eat. You can cut it open