There is a child at home who likes to eat fish. There has always been salmon. The meat is fresh and tender and has no spines. The children can eat it at ease


200g barracuda
Appropriate amount of purple cabbage
A small amount of carrots
Half a lemon
10g olive oil
Appropriate amount of shredded black pepper
A small amount of salt


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients and thaw the salmon in advance

Step 2
Wash the Basa fish, control the water, add ground black pepper and salt

Step 3
Squeeze a few more drops of lemon juice on both sides. Then marinate for ten minutes

Step 4
When marinating fish, prepare side dishes. Wash the purple cabbage, cut it into small pieces, marinate it with salt and rinse it for a while

Step 5
Slice the lemon, cut the carrot and preheat the pan

Step 6
Pour olive oil into the pot and brush evenly with a brush

Step 7
Add the salted Basa fish and fry over high heat

Step 8
Be careful when turning over

Step 9
Two pieces of golden yellow, put into the side dish, the side dish can be eaten raw, so don't fry too long

Step 10
Out of the pot, grind black pepper and sprinkle a little. You can eat it.