You can also make golden fried buns without paste at home


200g medium gluten flour
110g clear water
4 g yeast
150g pork streaky pork
10g corn starch
30g clear water (for stuffing)
4 grams of soy sauce
One tablespoon frying oil
1 small handful for frying, black sesame
1 for frying, small fragrant scallion
6 g salt
2 g Sugar
3 ginger slices
1 green onion


Step 1
Put the medium gluten flour and yeast into the flour mixer, set the flour mixing procedure for 15 minutes and wake up for 1.5 hours

Step 2
Start the dough mixer and add water three times until the flour becomes a large flocculent. Stop adding water. Due to the different water absorption of different flour, after the dough is kneaded, check the softness and hardness of the dough, and add a small amount (within 10g) of water or flour according to your own needs until the desired effect is achieved.

Step 3
Chopped scallion, chopped ginger, minced pork. Beat the minced meat with all the ingredients and spices

Step 4
The dough is well fermented, with honeycomb inside and slight sour taste. If it is too sour, it is over fermentation. Next, you need to add an appropriate amount of baking soda to neutralize the sour taste.

Step 5
Sprinkle flour on the panel, take out the fermented dough, knead and squeeze the exhaust. Rub long strips of sub dosage (20g / piece), roll them into a thick pastry in the middle and thin around, and wrap the filling and close the mouth.

Step 6
Heat the hot pot with oil (the oil is about below the bottom of the steamed stuffed bun), turn the heat down, fry the steamed stuffed bun until the bottom is golden, and then add water to half of the steamed stuffed bun. Cover the pot and boil the water dry