Oyster scientific name oyster, is a very delicious marine life, has a very high food value, oyster meat is rich in protein, a variety of amino acids and vitamins, at the same time, oyster is also one of the foods with high zinc content, has a unique health function. Oyster is a special snack in coastal areas, originated in Guangdong Province, its taste is delicious, deeply loved by consumers, so let’s introduce the practice of garlic oyster.


6 oysters
Appropriate amount of salt
2 heads of garlic
Appropriate amount of chives
2 tbsp oyster sauce
Proper amount of oil
1 millet pepper
Proper amount of old hen powder
Proper amount of ginger powder


Step 1
Rinse oysters and drain

Step 2
Chop the garlic into mud, add the right amount of oil in the pot over low heat, heat up, add minced garlic, stir fry in oyster sauce

Step 3
Add salt, ginger powder, chicken powder, stir fry the flavor, garlic color can be, as shown in the picture

Step 4
Put the fried garlic into the oyster, add cold water to the pan, boil the water and steam for 8 minutes

Step 5
Steam it and take it out

Step 6
Cut good shallot, pepper scattered on top can eat