Oyster black bean and snow fungus lean meat soup


50g Tremella
80g oyster black bean
3G ginger
50g lotus seed
3 jujubes (fresh)
5 mushrooms


Step 1
After soaking hair, snow fungus is torn into small flowers, red dates are cored, Huaishan and lotus seeds, mushrooms are soaked and drained, and so is Xinhui tangerine peel.

Step 2
Wash oyster and black bean sauce, soak and set aside;

Step 3
After slicing lean meat, put it into boiling water, add ginger slices, blanch blood and drain for standby;

Step 4
Boil an appropriate amount of boiling water in the soup pot. After the water is boiled, add all soup ingredients. After boiling over high heat, turn to low heat for about two hours;

Step 5
Finally, add salt to taste and serve.