Oven version braised fish covered rice! The salmon roasted outside is burnt and inside is tender, fat and glutinous. It is covered on the glutinous white rice. It’s delicious to tears


300g salmon cubes
Proper amount of rice
75 ml water starch
100g mayonnaise
60 brown sugar
30g honey
60 ml soy sauce
45g chili sauce
25g condensed milk


Step 1
Pour 240ml of water, 60ml of soy sauce, 60g of brown sugar, 30g of honey, a little garlic and ginger into the pot, turn on medium heat, pour 75ml of water starch, stir and cook until viscous, turn off the fire and let it cool

Step 2
Pour 300g salmon cubes with sauce, wipe well, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate in the refrigerator for 2 hours

Step 3
Put the pickled salmon together with the sauce into the preheated oven at 200 ℃ and bake for 20 minutes

Step 4
100g mayonnaise, 45g chili sauce and 25g condensed milk, stir well and put them into the flower mounting bag

Step 5
Cover the grilled salmon on the rice and sprinkle with cooked white sesame

Step 6
Drizzle with sauce and serve