Millet and pumpkin are very healthy ingredients. This combination gives a new style to the slightly rustic bacon. As a banquet dish, it is very elegant and characteristic.


2 pumpkins
1 small piece of bacon
50g millet
2 shallots
1 tbsp thin salt soy sauce


Step 1
Complete main materials

Step 2
Wash and soak the millet for about 2 hours

Step 3
Cut the bacon into smaller slices and chop the shallots into pieces

Step 4
Cut off the top of the pumpkin and dig out the pumpkin core with tools such as a spoon

Step 5
Sprinkle millet, bacon and a proper amount of shallot with soy sauce and stir evenly

Step 6
Fill the pumpkin cup with evenly stirred millet and bacon

Step 7
Cover the pumpkin and fix it with a toothpick

Step 8
Steam over medium heat for 20-25 minutes