Falling in love with baking began with Qifeng cake. After several failures, I completely fell in love with it. When I tasted Qifeng cake for the first time, I couldn’t help but marvel at its extreme delicacy and fluffy, which also made me love baking more.


Five eggs
70g orange juice
40g corn oil
6G orange peel
70g fine granulated sugar
40g cheese
90g low gluten flour
20G egg yolk
50g egg white


Step 1
Separate the egg yolk and protein, add 20g sugar into the egg yolk and mix well

Step 2
Sift the low powder for standby, take the juice from the orange and the dander for standby

Step 3
Add oil and cheese to the orange juice and heat it to 65 degrees

Step 4
Pour the mixed liquid heated in 3 into the sifted low flour, mix well until there is no granular dough, add orange peel into the egg yolk, mix well, then pour in the hot low flour dough, cut and mix well

Step 5
Beat the egg white until it is thick, add sugar, add it in three times, and beat until it is small and sharp

Step 6
Add one third of the beaten protein to the mixed egg yolk paste, then add the remaining protein, cut and mix evenly, pour it into the mold, shake twice, put it into the oven preheated at 160 ℃, and then adjust it to 150 ℃ for 50 minutes