Delicious and nutritious rolls are coming! Onion flavored egg soft cake, with delicious stewed pig nose fried cabbage, meat and vegetable collocation, staple meat and vegetables, a pancake, nutrition are all done. It’s a good choice for breakfast, picnic, afternoon tea snacks and evening snacks. Let’s learn how to do it together!


100g medium gluten flour
2 eggs
200g marinated pig nose
1 handful of cabbage
Proper amount of water
45 ml edible oil
A little salt
3ml raw extract
A little green onion
A little five spice powder


Step 1
Soak the cabbage in salt water for ten minutes in advance

Step 2
The stem and leaf of water spinach are separated, the stem is cut into sections, the green onion is cut into pieces, the cooked food bought by the marinated pig nose is cut

Step 3
Put an egg into a small bowl, add chopped green onion and stir slightly, but do not stir evenly. In a large bowl, add flour, an egg, five spice powder and a little salt. As long as the bread has a bottom taste, add an appropriate amount of water and stir well. Then add 40ml edible oil and stir well. Let stand for 5 minutes

Step 4
Heat the non stick pot over a medium heat, pour in an appropriate amount of batter, turn the pot and spread the batter evenly

Step 5
When the surface of the dough cake solidifies, pour in an appropriate amount of egg liquid and smear it evenly with a spoon

Step 6
Shake the pan, the cake can slide in the pan, fry for a moment, turn over and fry the other side for a moment

Step 7
Turn over again, with the egg side up, bake the bottom of the cake for a while, and then come out of the pot

Step 8
The rest of the cakes act the same, fry them all and put them on the plate

Step 9
In a hot oil pan, 5 ml edible oil can be used. Stir fry the fried vegetable stem for a while

Step 10
Add vegetable leaves and stir fry with a little water

Step 11
Add marinated pig nose and stir fry evenly

Step 12
Stir fry until fragrant, then take out of the pot and put into the plate

Step 13
Take a piece of egg flour cake with the egg side down. Take an appropriate amount of fried marinated pig nose and vegetables on it, spread a strip in the middle of the cake, and roll up the cake