Fat intestines are delicious, not easy to clean, but to eat and cherish


1.2 kg of fat sausage
A handful of dried pepper
1 handful (divided into two parts) of pepper
1 piece of ginger (sliced and divided into two parts)
2 single garlic
A pinch of cooked white sesame
A spoonful of watercress
3 rock candy
Scallion is about ten centimeters white
Three octagons
1 cinnamon
2 bay leaves
1 seedless grass fruit


Step 1
I bought a pair of two and a half catties for cooking. I only used half the amount of fat sausage to wash and set aside (finally, how to wash the fat sausage). Ginger and garlic are sliced. The small plate on the right of the fat sausage is used to cook the fat sausage. It contains more than a dozen star anise cinnamon, fruit, laurel leaf, pepper, half ginger and green onion. Cut the dried pepper into sections with scissors and soak it in boiling water

Step 2
First boil the fat intestines, put cold water into the pot, add the small dish of seasoning for cooking the fat intestines, and bring the water to a boil

Step 3
After boiling, add the washed fat sausage water. After boiling, add a small amount of cooking wine and salt and turn to medium heat for half an hour

Step 4
Cook until the fat intestines can be pierced with chopsticks. Just turn off the fire and control the water to take them out. Wait for them to cool. Don't cook for a long time and can't bite for a long time

Step 5
After the fat intestines are cooled, cut them into small pieces with a knife. I cooked all the fat intestines, and then half of them are eaten today, half of them are sealed and frozen, which is convenient for the next time

Step 6
Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, not too much. Ha, it is mainly used to help fat intestines produce oil. When the oil is warm, pour fat intestines into the pot and fry the oil

Step 7
When the surface of the fat intestines becomes dry and hard, add ginger and scallion slices to stir fry the fragrance

Step 8
Add an appropriate amount of watercress (watercress mainly depends on what brand you use, ha. Some brands are dry and salty, so don't put too much) and stir fry the red oil

Step 9
Add rock sugar to freshen the brown oil

Step 10
Then add dried sea pepper (pour out the water soaking them) and Chinese prickly ash to stir fry until fragrant

Step 11
Sprinkle cooked white sesame seeds and stir fry evenly. Add some salt and chicken essence and you'll be out of the pot

Step 12
Put it on a plate and eat it.