Relieve greediness


500g hen
50g shredded ginger
50g garlic slices
50g dried pepper
Five Chaotian peppers
5g star anise
2 crystal sugar
Appropriate amount of bean paste
A little salt
A lot of oil


Step 1
Wash the chicken. Chop

Step 2
Cut shredded ginger, dried pepper and garlic. Clean the star anise cinnamon leaves. Prepare two rock candy

Step 3
Then prepare cooking wine, bean paste, oyster sauce and salt (avoid looking for seasoning when cooking)

Step 4
Fry the chicken golden

Step 5
Put the fried chicken in a bowl

Step 6
Put the side dish rock sugar into the oil pan and fry until fragrant

Step 7
Add the previously prepared seasonings in turn

Step 8
Stir well and serve