Old duck soup with sour radish is a home-made dish of Sichuan families. In recent years, it has been popular all over the country. It’s not only sour and slightly spicy soup, but also duck meat full of sour radish. In the soup and then cook some vegetables, warm drink a mouthful of soup, clip a crisp duck, and then a smooth appetizer of sour radish, with a bowl of crystal clear white rice, it is very comfortable.


900 grams old duck
450 g sour radish
15g ginger
5 Chinese prickly ash


Step 1
The ducks are cleaned and chopped into large pieces; The sour radish is cut into two parts and cut into thick slices; Beat ginger and set aside

Step 2
Pour the duck pieces into the frying pan and stir fry them, then stop the steam

Step 3
Add appropriate amount of water, add sour radish slices, ginger, pepper, bring to a boil

Step 4
Pour into a pressure cooker

Step 5
Simmer in chicken / duck mode until soft

Step 6
Stewed duck soup