I gain three kilograms every festival. It made me want to eat every night, but I was afraid of meat. After entanglement, I decided to drink soup. (I use a lot of ingredients in this soup, because okra soup has a sticky taste, and all kinds of ingredients will feel suspended in it. When eating, I chew while eating, which is very sensory)


4 Okra
2 eggs
1 tablespoon salt
1 small scallion
1 coriander
A small amount of thirteen incense
Proper oyster sauce
Appropriate amount of black pepper


Step 1
Break up the eggs, slice okra, chop onion and coriander.

Step 2
Boil an appropriate amount of water, add eggs after boiling, and add salt, thirteen spices and black pepper. After boiling again, add okra. After boiling again, add scallion, coriander and oyster sauce. Turn off the fire when the pot is boiling again.