If you add a drop of oil to the wood, you don’t have to worry about frying sugar color. If you’re not careful, you’ll fry it. The sour, sweet and boneless oil-free sweet and sour ribs can be eaten by one person. It’s not greasy at all~


450g spare ribs
15 cloves garlic
A spoonful of cooking wine
Two spoonfuls of raw soy sauce
A spoonful of soy sauce
Three tablespoons white sugar or rock sugar
Three tablespoons, twice with white vinegar (rice vinegar)
A spoonful of cooked white sesame
A small piece of ginger


Step 1
Blanch spareribs in a pot of cold water. After blanching, remove them and wash them for standby.

Step 2
Add two spoons of raw soy sauce, one spoonful of cooking wine, one spoonful of old soy sauce, two spoonfuls of rice vinegar and three spoonfuls of sugar.