I learned a lot about delicious food here… I want to thank the kitchen gods… I also want to share my experience with you… I made this dish because my greedy and healthy younger brother… I hope my picky younger brother still likes it!


6 prawns
6 slices of tender ginger
Proper amount of cooking wine
1 teaspoon salt
3 tbsp soft sugar
4 spoonfuls of 5-degree rice vinegar
1 teaspoon 9 degree white vinegar
1 teaspoon of soy sauce
1 teaspoon of soy sauce
Right amount of zanthoxylum oil
1 teaspoon of thirteen spices
Right amount of red onion
2 tbsp oyster sauce


Step 1
Prepare the right amount for dinner, or it will grow meat. Three people, so six prawns. First wash, and then remove legs, whiskers, guns, and then scissors along the shrimp back cut, pick the shrimp line. You can use kitchen paper to dry the surface of oily food. Minced garlic, ginger (night had better not eat ginger, to the amount of fishy) purple onion shred standby.

Step 2
Dry the bottom of the pot with water, wipe the bottom with fresh ginger slices, take the right amount of fried pepper oil and pour it into the pot (not more than half of the shrimp). When the small hot oil is just warm, add the prawn and fry it slowly... Until the red oil in the head of the prawn overflows, open the back and roll the edge. Put it out for use

Step 3
Well, I'd like to call this part a big name. Fried sugar. But not very professional... Oyster sauce, 5 degree vinegar, cooking wine, 13 flavor, soy sauce, stir evenly according to the amount, prepare in advance. Heat the oil in the pan, put the fresh ginger in the pan, when the oil bubbles, put in the soft sugar, stir it to change color slightly, put in the prepared seasoning (stir it with left hand), put in a little water to boil, and put in the fried prawns when the color is bright.

Step 4
Add salt, soy sauce, minced garlic and onion, stir them with chopsticks, and then put a little 9 degree white vinegar before leaving the pot... It's fresh... If you like thick soup, you can boil it for a while. My family likes to rely on the appearance of prawns, but the taste of the prawns is not strong... So I use the stew method to make the prawns, so the time of juice collection will be a little longer... Wait until the taste melts into the prawns... Dish.

Step 5
Stewed prawns without a thick sauce cover. Of course, the level of the kitchen god is not in the same level line... But the family is happy to share... Still very happy