Today, LeiBao shares with you an innovative eating method of oats, which is oil-free, low-fat and crispy. In particular, it is made into a “Cup” shape, so that you can eat it in your stomach while enjoying it. It is innovative and delicious. You must try it!


150g instant oats
20G brown sugar
50g boiled water
1 egg
Half an onion
50g soybeans
Half chicken sausage
1 small curry
2 cheese slices


Step 1
Pour boiling water into brown sugar and stir with a spoon until it melts completely;

Step 2
Pour the boiled brown sugar water into the cereal, knock in the eggs, mix them slightly and knead them into a non viscous ball;

Step 3
First preheat the oven 180 degrees, then divide the cereal into 8 parts, and then take one part and put it into the mold. First press out a concave shape, then press both sides tightly, sort it into a cup container shape with uniform thickness, put it into the baking pan, bake it for about 20 minutes, the surface of the cereal is golden, and then take it out with anti scalding gloves to cool it;

Step 4
Prepare the stuffing materials, peel off the shell of the soybeans, scrub them, then cut the onion and Chicken Intestines into pieces, pour oil from the pot, put in the chicken intestines, and stir fry until the surface is yellowish;

Step 5
Add the soybeans, continue to stir fry until they are broken, and finally add the chopped onions to stir fry the flavor;

Step 6
Then pour a bowl of water into the pot, add curry blocks, cook over high heat until melted, turn to medium and low heat, and cook until the soup is thick. Remember to stir from time to time during the process to avoid sticking to the pot;

Step 7
Finally, put the cooked soy chicken sausage curry sauce into a cereal cup and eat it;

Step 8
If you want more flavor, you can put an appropriate amount of cheese slices into the oven again and bake for about 15 minutes until the cheese melts;