I want to say, it’s cold, but it can’t make up for mutton! So when it’s cold, I wonder if it’s time to make a mutton soup for my family, especially when the child grows up and needs nutrition! In addition, Li Shizhen also said in the compendium of materia medica: “mutton can warm in tonifying deficiency, tonifying Qi, appetizing and fitness, tonifying kidney qi, nourishing gallbladder and eyesight, treating asthenia and cold, five labors and seven injuries.”. Many people use hot ingredients such as Zanthoxylum, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves and so on when stewing mutton soup. But my own body is special. As long as I eat these, I will have a rash all over my body. I have to go to a doctor. So I usually stew with some tonic materials.


500g mutton
5 jujubes (dry)
Three dates
5g Beiqi
1 tangerine peel
10 g Dangshen
3 G Atractylodes macrocephala
3 G Angelica sinensis
2 g Ramulus Cinnamomi
Six walnuts
3 slices of ginger


Step 1
Prepare all accessories and rinse them for use

Step 2
The mutton has been cut by the master. Put it in a pot with plenty of cold water, cover it and start to cook. After boiling, continue to cook for five minutes

Step 3
Pour the cooked mutton with the soup into the Vegetable Bowl, pour in the right amount of water until the water temperature is right, clean the mutton, cut the mutton into the right size, and control the water

Step 4
Put all the auxiliary materials in the sand pot until the water boils, add the mutton, continue to simmer for 20 minutes over high heat, and simmer over low heat until the meat is rotten. I usually simmer for more than two hours. The delicious and nourishing mutton soup is out