Wuji soup is a traditional famous dish of Han nationality in Guangdong Province. It is made of Wuji, longan, jujube, medlar and dangshen. Black chicken is rich in nutrition and contains hormone and purple pigment. It can enhance the white blood cells and hemoglobin of human body. It has curative effect on the treatment of women’s weak infertility, irregular menstruation, habitual abortion, hypoleucorrhea and postpartum weakness. It can also be used for the adjuvant treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, gastric ulcer, neurasthenia, infantile rickets and other diseases.


500g black chicken
Right amount of wolfberry
Right amount of jujube
Moderate amount of longan meat
Appropriate amount of Codonopsis pilosula
2 teaspoons salt


Step 1
Prepare red dates, medlar, longan and dangshen, wash them and soak them in a little water for a while

Step 2
Pour herbs and water into the pot and simmer for about 1 hour

Step 3
Wash black chicken and set aside

Step 4
Put the black chicken into boiling water, roll for 3 minutes, fly the water, and take it up for use

Step 5
Put the black chicken into the stewed herbal soup and simmer for 20 minutes

Step 6
Add a little salt to turn off the fire and serve