Northeast sticky Bean Bun is also called “Nian Bean Bun”. As the name suggests, it is the New Year cake wrapped during the new year. Especially for farmers, in the past, when the country celebrated the new year, wrapping beans and bags was a big event to look forward to every year. Adults and children went to battle together. After steaming out of the pot, put it on the cover curtain and freeze it outside at normal room temperature. After steaming and freezing, the sticky bean bag is not loose. Now the living standards of farmers have improved, more food is eaten, and sticky bean buns are not rare on the table. However, people in the city prefer this mouth more and more. Sticky bean buns were first used as sacrifices for ancestors and food for Manchu people when they went out hunting. Later, when Nurhachi led troops to war Sticky bean buns have become military food in winter. It can be said that in half of the Qing Dynasty, there was a credit for sticky bean buns.


3500 g glutinous rice flour
1500g red kidney beans
100g white flour
Proper amount of sugar


Step 1
Soak red kidney beans in water overnight in advance, press them in a pressure cooker, cover them and simmer for half an hour before opening them

Step 2
Crush with a shovel

Step 3
Add sugar and stir. Continue to crush the cooked kidney beans to make them more delicate

Step 4
Then knead it into a small ball by hand, so that it can be directly put into the flour when wrapping later, so as to save the filling

Step 5
Add water to the steamer, spread the pickled cabbage leaves, and steam the bean buns on it for a while, so as to save sticking to the drawer

Step 6
Glutinous rice flour and white flour flour were mixed with warm water the night before and made all night. Try not to be too soft. If it is soft, it is easy to collapse after steaming, which will affect the appearance

Step 7
Just a piece of flour and knead it into long strips

Step 8
Pull a piece as big as dumpling skin and put it in your hand. Don't make it too thin

Step 9
Then wrap the bean stuffing in it

Step 10
Round. Then sort it out a little, rub the dough a little higher and put it into the pot drawer

Step 11
Put it on the pot drawer with pickled cabbage leaves. Try to put it next to each other. That's how you hit the Bean Bun

Step 12
Wrap it all. Try not to have any gap in the middle of the Bean Bun. Cover it and steam it for 15 minutes after boiling

Step 13
Still steaming sticky bean buns, the smell of the new year is coming out and the new year is approaching. Hang it for a while, dip a knife in cold water, put the bean bags on the curtain one by one, put them on the outdoor freezer, and then pack them in bags. When eating, take out a hot one. Mom's noodles are too sticky. There is a large proportion of glutinous rice flour, which doesn't look good, but they taste as delicious as New Year cakes