Northeast roasted kidney makes men salivate and women cry. It’s a delicious food of ghosts and gods. How can you live without it


A catty of beef waist
A little cumin
A little sesame
A little salt


Step 1
In Schindler's list, the protagonist insists on providing palm sized chocolate when entertaining German NC. In the face of the eight dollar string of waist as thin as cicada wings, please be sure to cut your waist into 2cm. Only thick enough to have the best taste.

Step 2
Choose a good kidney. You must be patient when choosing a full kidney all day. You'd better choose fat and thin. This is the best quality.

Step 3
Remember to move the upper and lower tubes when baking 230 degrees, because you should scorch the skin for about 30 minutes. When you master fast cooking, remember to add cumin sesame salt. You can add sugar and homemade chopped pepper according to your taste

Step 4
Never tire of eating fine food, never tire of eating fine food. Even if the fragrance overflows, you should put them on a plate to eat. This is noble

Step 5
Choose your favorite beer and serve it with garlic. Of course, local tyrants can have an old sister with garlic^_^