I’ve loved eggplant since I was a child, but my mother can’t eat stewed eggplant. I feel sick when I eat it, so now I’m a housewife. The eggplant made at home can only be oily. Eggplant, known as the king of vegetables, is rich in a variety of vitamins and health elements, especially suitable for women. My food has some characteristics, that is, the process may be improved, but the seasoning can be simple but not complicated. First, there is no need for various treasures of monosodium glutamate chicken essence, and second, I strive to cook the original delicious characteristics of the ingredients. Health first, warmth first, sympathetic relatives can pay more attention to and learn from each other!


A kilo of Eggplant
A sharp pepper
Half a carrot
Two cloves of garlic
Proper amount of salt
A small piece of onion
200g vegetable oil
A little starch


Step 1
Wash and dry the long eggplant, cut into hob pieces, sprinkle a little salt, mix well, stand for 15 minutes, and precipitate some water juice.

Step 2
When waiting for eggplant, cut carrots into smaller hobs, prickly peppers into ribs, Hou cut hobs, and change scallions and garlic into powder. There are no carrots at home. In addition, red pepper can be used to add color.

Step 3
It is obvious that water precipitates on the surface of eggplant. I need to squeeze out the water of eggplant with a little effort, and I don't have to squeeze it very dry. I put it in the drain container, and I use paper directly.

Step 4
Boil the wide oil in the pot. Pay attention to no matter what oil. First, it's enough to fry all the eggplant. Second, it's necessary to boil the oil over a high fire, otherwise the eggplant will be soaked in oil. The finished product tastes bad and greasy. Of course, pay attention to safety and don't burn it. After the oil is boiled, add eggplant, then carrots, and fry for one to two minutes. Chopsticks can easily pierce through the eggplant. Remove the drain oil.

Step 5
It will take a few minutes to burn the oil. At this time, mix the sauce. Thicken should be thin. It's not good-looking or delicious when it's thick. A flat spoonful of starch and a small spoonful of sugar. There must be very little sugar. It's ok if you don't put it, so I didn't write it in the preparation. Salt is mixed in according to taste. I put a small spoonful, draw a few drops raw (still don't put it, don't put it old), and half a small bowl of purified water. Mix well together and put it aside for standby.

Step 6
Pour the oil in the pot into a clean, dry container that is not afraid of scalding and keep it for use. You don't need to leave the bottom oil or brush the pot, just use the residue in the pot. If the fire is still high, put in the pepper and stir fry a few times, then pour in the previously fried eggplant and carrot, stir fry a few times, put the chopped green onion and garlic, stir the sauce, pour it into the pot, boil it until it is slightly bubbly and transparent, and turn it out immediately.