Pork ribs not only contain protein, fat and vitamins, but also contain a lot of calcium phosphate, bone collagen and bone mucin, which provide calcium for our body.


500g spare ribs
Five potato chips
2 carrot slices
2 x wide powder
As shown in the picture, onion, ginger and garlic
As shown in the picture, fragrant leaves, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, etc
Proper amount of dry pepper
1 bag of big sauce
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Proper fuel consumption
Moderate Baijiu


Step 1
Wash the spareribs and blanch them in cold water. Remove the spareribs and set aside

Step 2
Dried pepper, cinnamon, star anise, Chinese prickly ash, fragrant leaves, fennel, onion, ginger, garlic

Step 3
Cut potatoes and carrots into pieces and soak them in advance

Step 4
After exploding the ingredients, put a tablespoon of sauce

Step 5
Stir fry evenly and prepare for coloring

Step 6
One spoonful of raw soy sauce and one spoonful of soy sauce (according to the size of the spoon)

Step 7
Proper fuel consumption

Step 8
Proper amount of Baijiu

Step 9
Add enough water at one time, 5cm before spareribs, low fire for 40 minutes

Step 10
6 teaspoons salt seasoning (according to your taste)

Step 11
Add potatoes, carrots and cornstarch

Step 12
Put a few more noodles (the soup tastes delicious) and simmer over low heat for another 20 minutes

Step 13
Out of the pot.

Step 14
The meat is rich in flavor, fragrant but not greasy, and can satisfy the craving.