There are the most kinds of fried meat all over the country. I like whichever I see. Therefore, I have made the greatest efforts in fried meat, but I can’t say I’m sure.


250g streaky pork
50g celery


Step 1
Preparation materials: 50g celery, 50g garlic and 250g streaky pork

Step 2
Wash the sliced pork and put it into a container. Add 1g salt; 5g cooking wine, 5g soy sauce, marinate for 1 minute, cut celery into small sections and garlic into slices

Step 3
Blanch the meat slices in boiling water, change color after putting into the pot, and then remove them in less than half a minute

Step 4
Pour wide oil into the pot and heat it to 60%, add the meat slices after blanching, fry the surface slightly yellow, about half a minute, and remove

Step 5
Put vegetable oil into the pot, saute garlic slices, celery, then pour in meat slices, transfer 2G salt, 5g soy sauce, 5g cooking wine and 3G chicken essence, stir well and then take out of the pot