Silk digua is a famous traditional dish with northeast characteristics, which is made of sweet potato, sugar, oil and other ingredients. When it comes to silk digua, many people think that it is a food that can only be enjoyed in restaurants. Wrong, we can do it at home. It is cheap and delicious. When “divine silk” is free between chopsticks, it can be elongated and widened at will, How can your baby not laugh. What are you waiting for? Do it quickly. Don’t forget to buy sweet potatoes first


500g sweet potato
150g fine granulated sugar
1000g salad oil
A small bowl of cold boiled water


Step 1
Wash the sweet potato

Step 2
Sweet potato peeling

Step 3
Cut into hob pieces, be careful not to be too thick and thin, otherwise it is not easy to deep fry

Step 4
Put oil in the pot and heat it to 90 degrees. When the oil is warm, put sweet potato blocks into the pot

Step 5
Deep fried into golden yellow, it can be easily pierced with chopsticks,

Step 6
Then fry it into a reddish color to make it more appetizing

Step 7
Drain the oil and put it into a plate

Step 8
Put out all the oil in the pot, and add water and sugar in the pot

Step 9
Boil over a low fire. Start small bubbles first. Don't worry. Continue to boil. The sugar liquid is yellowish

Step 10
At this time, the sugar liquid turns red and is very viscous when scooped with a spoon,

Step 11
Pour the fried sweet potato into the sugar liquid, make the sugar liquid completely stick to the sweet potato, quickly stir the spoon, stir the spoon, take no more than 20 seconds, and then out of the pot

Step 12
With golden color, continuous silk pulling, sweet and delicious northeast characteristic food - sweet sweet potato is out

Step 13
Look, this is the legendary god silk

Step 14
Pour in a small bowl of cold boiled water and eat sweet potatoes with water