I’m at home alone these days. It’s cold and quiet. I stew a famous northeast dish. It’s warm. Hahaha… Pass me a recipe to share with you. Don’t want it


Half a Chinese Cabbage
Two sheets of dried tofu
Look at the mood and put streaky meat
Half a carrot
Some scallion flowers
Two or three slices of ginger
Some minced garlic
Two tablespoons of refined salt
Two tablespoons seafood sauce
A spoonful of chicken essence
Half a teaspoon of thirteen spices
Two little red peppers


Step 1
Cut various materials as shown in the figure

Step 2
Heat the oil and add ginger slices and streaky pork

Step 3
Add scallion, garlic, pepper and carrot, and it will be hot and fragrant

Step 4
Add thirteen spices and stir well

Step 5
Add Chinese cabbage and stir fry quickly

Step 6
Add salt

Step 7
Pour in a small amount of a pint of fresh soy sauce

Step 8
Add dried tofu and stir fry quickly. Add water immediately

Step 9
Add water, simmer for 5 minutes, and then simmer for 5-8 minutes.

Step 10
If you like less soup, turn down the heat and stew for another 5 minutes to collect the juice. If you like soup, you can directly come out of the pot.