Many people have a bitter summer. Some mixed dishes in the Northeast are refreshing. This eggplant and potato is the simplest. It is one of the refreshing cold dishes in summer. Let’s share it!


2 eggplant (purple skin, long)
1 potato
1 / 2 green onions
2 eggs
1 coriander
Appropriate amount of big sauce


Step 1
Cut the washed eggplant and potatoes for steaming

Step 2
Put it in a steamer or rice cooker

Step 3
After steaming, take it out and put it in a basin. This is for three people, so it can be done with a large bowl. If two people have less food, they can eat it for two.

Step 4
Put the scallion and sauce (just dip the scallion in the sauce)

Step 5
This is a lazy practice. Normally, it should be fried with egg sauce. It's so simple because it's mixed with vegetables.

Step 6
Stir carefully. No salt. The sauce is salty.