Last night, I went to eat Korean cuisine with my best friend. I saw a northeast cold noodles on the adjacent table. I also prepared some. My best friend who loves meat but is not fat said that it is not cost-effective to eat noodles. A bowl of cold noodles is dozens and there are few pieces of meat. If I want to eat noodles, let me make it at home. While ordering, I asked the waiter about the practice of northeast cold noodles and decided to try it at home. Authentic northeast cold noodles have beef. If you are in a hurry, you can use ham sausage instead. The recipe is made for 2 people


180g dried noodles
Half a tomato
A short cucumber
Half a pear
Proper amount of ham sausage
1 egg
60g pickled mustard
Proper amount of sesame
30g vanilla vinegar
20G white granulated sugar
20G raw soy sauce
2 g salt
Proper amount of ice water


Step 1
Prepare a clean bowl, add vanilla vinegar, white granulated sugar, soy sauce, salt and an appropriate amount of ice water

Step 2
Melt sugar and salt and refrigerate in the refrigerator. You can taste it and flexibly increase or decrease the ingredients of cold noodle soup according to the taste. If you have time to cook beef, you can add beef soup to make cold noodle soup.

Step 3
This is another ingredient for cold noodles

Step 4
Boil a pot of boiling water, add 180 grams of dried noodles and cook until there is no hard core

Step 5
I use red carp egg noodles. It's enough to cook for 3 minutes. The noodles are very strong. Stir it with chopsticks when cooking to prevent it from sticking together

Step 6
Take out the cooked noodles and soak in cold water for a few minutes

Step 7
Control the water content, wrap the noodles into a ball by hand and put them into a noodle bowl.

Step 8
Wash and shred the cucumber, peel and shred the pear, slice the tomato, slice the sausage, and cut the egg in half after cooking. If you have apples, you can add some shredded apples.

Step 9
Put ham sausage, shredded cucumber, tomato, shredded pear and pickled mustard on the noodles, and half an egg in the middle

Step 10
Drench with cold noodle soup and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Step 11
Selling a bowl of cold noodles for dozens of yuan outside can be done at home. The cost is only a few yuan, and the steps are super simple

Step 12
Cool and cool northeast noodles