A special snack in Northeast China – roast cold noodles. In the northeast, especially in summer, where stalls can be set up in streets and alleys, pedestrian streets and other places, it is necessary to bake cold noodles. There are three kinds of baked cold noodles: carbon baking, iron plate baking and frying, with different tastes. We usually bake with iron plate. The cold noodles used in the early stage were ordinary cold noodles. When the production process is mature, special cold noodles are used. This special cold noodles is thinner and softer than the common cold noodles in the market and can be eaten directly. After baking the iron plate and coating it with their favorite sauce, it is soft and delicious. The sauce smells delicious. It tastes very strong and is very popular with the public.


300g cold noodles
6 eggs
50g coriander
2 green garlic
1 bag of barbecue sauce


Step 1
There are many scallions for baking cold noodles. Now it is the season of tender garlic. I like it very much, so I chose tender garlic.

Step 2
Chopped parsley and garlic

Step 3
Prepare the barbecue garlic sauce and break up the eggs (one egg is opened with one, one cold noodles and one egg. So I'll break up one egg first)

Step 4
Put oil in the pan and heat it. The oil can be added as you like. If you like more oil, add more, otherwise put less

Step 5
Take a piece of cold noodles, put it on the oil surface and fry over low heat

Step 6
Break up the egg liquid, pour it on the cold noodles, and spread it out with a flat shovel

Step 7
After the egg liquid solidifies, turn it over to the cold noodles, with the egg liquid facing down. It's always fried over a low heat

Step 8
Coat with barbecue sauce

Step 9
Sprinkle with garlic and coriander. Evenly spread

Step 10
When the eggs are ripe, roll them up. Take out and cut into pieces