It used to be made with soybean sauce. Today, the soybean sauce is used up. Try to make it with sand tea sauce. It tastes good


300g noodles
50g streaky pork
50g carrot
20G leek
5g ginger
15g oil
8 g salt
5g sweet flour sauce
5g Shacha sauce


Step 1
Prepare dried noodles

Step 2
Boil water, add oil and salt. After the water boils, add noodles and cook thoroughly. Forget to take photos

Step 3
Put it in a bowl

Step 4
Separate the streaky pork, fat and lean, dice, shred carrot, cut leek, ginger and minced ginger

Step 5
Heat the electric cooker, add fat and burst out the oil

Step 6
When the fat is golden, add lean meat and stir fry

Step 7
Add minced ginger and saute until fragrant

Step 8
Add carrots and leeks

Step 9
Add salt and water and cook for 3 minutes. Remove and spread in a noodle bowl

Step 10
Add sweet flour sauce and sand tea sauce into the pot and stir well

Step 11
Add water and bring to a boil

Step 12
Pour the Shacha soy sauce soup into the noodle bowl