I don’t feel sleepy all year round. Recently, I have such an appetite. Alas, so I can only find appetizing recipes everywhere. When I find another one, I quickly cook it. It’s really super appetizing. Noodles seem to be loved by many people. Ha, stop talking and buy noodles quickly


250g lean meat
3 mushrooms
1 small handful of leeks
400g noodles
1 tablespoon spicy sauce
Proper amount of raw meal
Half a spoonful of raw soy sauce
A little cooking wine
3 G garlic
3 G ginger
2. 3 dried peppers
Half a spoonful of bean paste


Step 1
Prepare all the necessary ingredients. In fact, as for meat, fat and thin ones are more fragrant, but I don't like fat ones very much, so I use thin ones

Step 2
Noodles were bought in the vegetable market. Today, they are wide and delicious. You can also go to the vegetable market to find them. There must be people selling them

Step 3
Chop the meat into fine foam, add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, cooking wine, white pepper, a little raw flour and edible oil, mix thoroughly by hand and marinate for a while

Step 4
Cut mushrooms into thin foam

Step 5
So are leeks

Step 6
Sliced garlic and chopped ginger

Step 7
Put a little oil on the bottom of the pot, heat it, add ginger foam and garlic slices to saute until fragrant, low heat, and add dry pepper sections

Step 8
Add marinated minced meat and stir fry until cooked, then add minced mushrooms and stir fry together

Step 9
Add a tablespoon of spicy sauce, [there is no specific brand, other sauces can also be used, not necessarily this]

Step 10
Be sure to keep the fire low, otherwise it's easy to paste the bottom of the pot, and add a little cooking wine, sesame oil and chicken powder

Step 11
Just take it out of the pot and make a simple minced meat sauce

Step 12
Take a larger bowl: add leek, a little soy sauce, pepper oil, spicy oil, steamed fish drum oil

Step 13
Now start to cook noodles, boil water over a high fire, and put noodles in

Step 14
When it's almost ready to cook, scoop a little noodle soup into the leek juice bowl until the leeks are hot

Step 15
Noodles are not easy to cook. Haha, why pinch them? Because I have to take photos and paste them in the bowl. It's all right if I eat them well at once

Step 16
Put the noodles into the soup bowl and put a few spoonfuls of minced meat sauce just fried. In an instant, you know, your appetite is open

Step 17
Ha ha, I suggest you buy more noodles. I'm afraid it's not enough. Let me wake you up first

Step 18
Mix well, wow..