Toona sinensis is the tender bud of Toona sinensis tree. It is vividly called “vegetable growing on the tree”. It is a treasure of vegetables. Chinese people began to eat Toona sinensis a long time ago. Toona sinensis has a special taste and belongs to the rich and heavy taste ingredients. Some people don’t like its taste. Although Toona sinensis has a special taste, its health care function can not be ignored. Toona sinensis is rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, In particular, the content of vitamin C and carotene is rich. It also has the effects of clearing away heat and fire, strengthening spleen and appetizing, increasing appetite and anti-aging. It can enhance human immunity and has many benefits. You might as well take advantage of the current market to eat some properly. The bamboo shoots in the ingredients are also good health care ingredients. The addition of the two ingredients adds a different flavor to this ordinary noodles. My family likes it very much!


150g vermicelli
50g Toona sinensis
100g bamboo shoots
30g coriander
50g sesame paste
A small amount of salt


Step 1
Peel off the skin of the fresh bamboo shoots, and then cut them into pieces with a knife

Step 2
Put an appropriate amount of water into the pot. After the water boils, add bamboo shoots. The purpose of blanching water is to remove the oxalic acid in bamboo shoots

Step 3
Blanch for about two minutes, then take it out with a leaky spoon and put it into a bowl

Step 4
Wash the fresh Chinese toon and put it into a bowl

Step 5
Put an appropriate amount of water into the pot, turn off the fire source after the water boils, and then scald the Chinese Toon in the water for about one minute. The purpose of this is to remove the nitrite and oxalic acid in the Chinese toon. This step cannot be omitted

Step 6
After scalding, remove the Toona sinensis and soak it in cold boiled water

Step 7
Then remove the water from the Toona sinensis, and cut the Toona sinensis into small pieces with a knife

Step 8
This is all the ingredients. After washing the coriander, cut it into small pieces and put the sesame paste into a bowl

Step 9
Put an appropriate amount of cold boiled water into the sesame paste and dilute the sesame paste

Step 10
Add half a teaspoon of salt and adjust the amount of salt according to your taste. It's not too salty. Being light is good for your health

Step 11
Stir the sesame paste with a spoon to make it thinner, but not too thin

Step 12
Put an appropriate amount of water into the pot

Step 13
When the water boils, put the vermicelli into the pot. Of course, it's best to roll the vermicelli by yourself. It's also OK to use the vermicelli when you don't have time to roll

Step 14
Cold water should be added in the middle of noodles cooking, so that the inner core of noodles can be cooked thoroughly

Step 15
Cook the noodles until there is no hard core

Step 16
Put the cooked noodles into cold boiled water, then take them out and put them into a noodle bowl. Put bamboo shoots, Chinese toon and coriander on the noodles

Step 17
Then put the sesame paste into the noodle bowl. Do you like this delicious bowl of noodles? Then try it