When a person eats at home at noon, he is too lazy to fry and fry. He can only cook some simple meals. The practice of noodle soup is simple. He puts some vegetables, seafood, eggs and other ingredients he likes to eat, which not only increases nutrition, but also tastes delicious.


90g vermicelli
150g celery leaves
1 egg
10g sesame oil
3 G refined salt
4G scallion


Step 1
Main ingredient: vermicelli (forgot to shoot) Eggs, celery leaves.

Step 2
Boil the pot with water, blanch the celery leaves, take them out and cool them with cold water.

Step 3
Remove and squeeze out the water.

Step 4
Boil the pot with water, add salt and vermicelli, and scatter the vermicelli with chopsticks to prevent adhesion.

Step 5
Bring to a boil again and beat in the eggs.

Step 6
Cook until the egg white solidifies.

Step 7
Add celery leaves.

Step 8
Pour in sesame oil.

Step 9
Bring to a boil, add scallions and turn off the heat.

Step 10
Put noodles in a bowl and serve.