Dandan noodles, how to say, you say he is proud of the group noodles, a bit exaggerated, but it really tastes delicious.


400g noodles
Appropriate amount of sprouts
80g spinach


Step 1
The noodles are ready-made. It seems that they are specially used for Ramen or Dan Dan noodles. They are yellowish and have a good shape. The most important thing is that there is something. Yibin sprouts are absolutely necessary. Now they are only broken in bags

Step 2
Boil some chicken soup, put a few pepper, rice wine, onion and ginger to remove the fishy flavor. After sitting down, turn off the foam and boil it over low heat. Slightly open it, but don't open it too much. This way, the soup will be clearer

Step 3
Chop the Douchi, onion and garlic, and prepare the sprouts and meat

Step 4
Heat 60% of the oil in the pan, and the meat stuffing will be dried over medium and low heat until it smells crisp

Step 5
Then add onion, ginger, Douchi, sprouts, less rice wine

Step 6
Stir fry a few more times and put them in a bowl. You smell them again. Really, smell them again

Step 7
Red sauce, simple, vinegar, soy sauce, red oil, minced onion and garlic, OK, vinegar and soy sauce to see personal taste, this noodles is mainly salty and spicy, and then slightly sour, according to their own way

Step 8
I use spinach to blanch some leafy vegetables. It's like the bean tip in Sichuan

Step 9
Cook noodles, noodles in the process of cooking in the pot, take a bowl, put a little chicken soup inside, which is one third of the bowl, and then pour in the red oil juice according to your needs, when the noodles are ready, directly into the bowl, and then quickly put fried sprouts, meat, and vegetables, and finally sprinkle a little cooked sesame and shallot