Noodle leaf soup


400g flour
150g pumpkin
100g spinach
1 egg
50g XinLiMei radish
Proper amount of salt
Proper soy sauce
Appropriate amount of vinegar
Proper blending oil


Step 1
Use pumpkin dough and put it aside to wake up a little

Step 2
Then divide it into two equal parts and roll one of them into a thin round cake.

Step 3
Spread an appropriate amount of flour on the round cake and roll the rolling pin from one side to the other.

Step 4
When all the dough cakes are rolled onto the rolling pin, use a knife to scratch from one end to the other along the top of the rolling pin

Step 5
That's it after rowing

Step 6
Then cut the dough into triangles.

Step 7
The overlapping pieces are scattered and sprinkled with flour.

Step 8
Heat the oil in the pot, add shredded carrot and stir fry,

Step 9
Add water after frying.

Step 10
After the water boils, put the dough in it

Step 11
After boiling again, pour the scattered eggs in, and add spinach leaves, salt, soy sauce and vinegar before coming out of the pot.