In my childhood memory, steamed dishes were always the main dish during the Chinese New Year. So far, I like this dish called pearl ball. It melts in the mouth and is suitable for all ages.


300g streaky pork
200g Yin rice (that is, the glutinous rice dried in the shade after steaming. We will talk about the method later. If there is one, we can use glutinous rice directly)
A handful of green onions
A little ginger
1 egg
A spoonful of salt
About 20g raw powder


Step 1
Steamed rice in shade, spread out for standby

Step 2
Cut the meat into minced meat, green onion into chopped green onion, ginger into minced ginger, put it into a basin, beat an egg, put salt and mix well.

Step 3
Add cornflour

Step 4
First stir well with chopsticks and then stir with an electric egg beater until viscous

Step 5
Grab a handful of meat with your left hand and squeeze it out of the tiger's mouth. It becomes a meat ball. Scoop it into Yin rice with a spoon and put it away

Step 6
After arranging the balls, sift them like a sieve.

Step 7
Then paste Yin rice evenly one by one and put it on another plate. If one layer is not enough, you can put two or three layers

Step 8
Put on a good look

Step 9
Prepare the steamer, put the water, and put the balls into the steamer. The fire boiled water.

Step 10
After the water boils, steam for another 10 minutes, and then steam it.